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Whether you’re looking for form 1040 fillable online or just wondering what the 1040 form is, at our website you will have all your questions answered. Here, we will provide you with the most current 1040 form 2019 instructions, schedules, and handy submission tips. You can download and print the form out right from this page while sipping a cup of coffee along the way. With our website, it’s as easy as ABC.

Let’s begin with answering the most typical question related to the 1040 IRS document, i.e. ‘What is the 1040 IRS form?’ The 1040 tax form (also known as the ‘U.S. Individual Tax Return’) is an important document most taxpayers in the US submit when they need to report their annual income to the Internal Revenue Service. Form 1040 registers your total taxable income and establishes the amount of your yearly tax reimbursement.

In a nutshell, when aiming to fill online form 1040 SR, you’re focused on reporting the amount of your annual income to the IRS. In case you owe the government something, the form is going to reveal this information as well. Looking to fill 1040 form 2019 online? You can do it right here and right now at our website. There are several types of this form, depending on the taxpayer category you fall into.

Form 1040 Latest Tips

1040 SR IRS Fillable Online: Further Details
The 1040 IRS tax form features two sections (pages). The first one requires your personal data, including your full name, address, SSN, information about your dependents (if you have any), as well as details about your work, and your signature.
February 12, 2020
1040 Tax Form: Our Recommendation
When it comes to the second page of the document, it’s mostly focused on calculations. There, you’re going to need to indicate all your types of income. In case the math-related part of the 1040 IRS tax form looks too confusing, we recommend that you ask a professional to assist you in filling it out. Better safe than sorry, they say!
January 24, 2020
1040 Form: Schedules
In any case, if you make a mistake when completing your 1040 form, you will have the chance to make amendments on Form 1040X. As for the schedules and deadlines, this year you’re required to submit the 1040 IRS form by April 15. Make sure you apply for the deadline extension if you feel that you won’t be able to make it within the established due date.
January 19, 2020

How to fill form 1040 online

Whether you work for yourself or have a stable employer, filling out and submitting the 1040 form is obligatory. Along with the possibility to sort out the 1040 form fill online process, at our website we also provide:
  • downloadable 1040 form template
  • tips on completing the form
  • information on schedules
  • details and instructions for form 1040 fillable

First and foremost, prepare all your tax papers with your yearly income info. Then, once you’re ready, start completing the form. You can download your 1040 form from our website and complete it manually. Or you can submit it via your favorite computer program. Alternatively, you can hire a pro to solve the issue for you. So feel free to stick with the most convenient option when sorting out your 1040 form 2019 fillable issue.

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